Monster – Energy (473 ml)

UNLEASH THE BEAST: Tear into a can of the meanest energy drink on the planet, Monster Energy. Athletes, musicians, anarchists, co-ed’s, road warriors, metal heads, geeks, hipsters, and bikers dig it- you will too!

SMOOTH & EASY FLAVOUR: Monster packs a powerful punch, but has a smooth easy drinking flavor. What does it taste like? It tastes like Monster
BIG BAD BUZZ: With 166mg of Caffeine in a “Monster” 473mL can, Monster Energy offers more for less when compared with other 473mL energy drinks

UNLEASH THE BEAST| Big Bad Buzz in a Monster Energy 473mL Can
SMOOTH & EASY FLAVOUR | Sweet & Tasty – It Tastes Like Monster!
Monster packs a powerful punch but has a smooth easy drinking flavor
166mg of Caffeine, 210 Calories
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